Xuguang's "200 kV DC Circuit Breaker Superfast Isolating Switch Module Research and Development" Project Passed the Scientific and Technological Achievements Evaluation


The Company held the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting of "200 kV DC circuit breaker key technology-superfast isolating switch module research and development" project on May 26th. Leaders and experts from Dalian University of Technology, Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd., Xuji Flexible System Power Transmission Company, CLP Purui Electrical Power Engineering Co., Ltd., NR Electric, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company and Chengdu Xuguang Electronics Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. The expert evaluation commission listened to the research and development report and technical report of the project units, reviewed relevant data and drew the following conclusions through question and discussion:

1.The materials provided are complete and conform to the scientific and technological achievement evaluation management method.

2.The project developed a kind of 200 kV/1200 A DC circuit breaker superfast isolating switch which can break and form the insulation within 2 ms with the asynchronism of breaking of less than 0.2 ms, temporary fault tolerance current of 20 kA and mechanical life larger than 3000 times.

3.According to relevant test organizations, performance of the project product conforms to design specifications. The product has been successfully applied to the world's first 200 kV high-voltage DC circuit breaker and put into operation in the 200 kV multi-end DC power transmission demonstration project. All its technical indicators have met user's requirements and gained good economic benefits.

In conclusion, the evaluation commission thinks that the project achievement possesses independent intellectual property right and the overall technology is in world advanced level which filled the domestic gap in this field. It is better to further optimize and promote the application.

Now, our flexible DC power transmission technology has successfully passed the test. Later, we will further promote the application and China will set off an upsurge of comprehensive construction of flexible DC power transmission. Superfast isolating switch is the core part of high-voltage DC circuit breaker, while high-voltage DC circuit breaker is important to break the bottleneck of flexible DC system technology, indispensable to the comprehensive construction of flexible DC power transmission. The successful development of 200 kV DC circuit breaker fast isolating switch reflects the great design and manufacturing ability of Xuguang Electronics which made great contributions to the development of domestic flexible DC power transmission technology.