Company Convened the 535 kV DC Circuit Breaker Superfast Isolating Switch New Product Introduction


Company convened the 535 kV DC Circuit Breaker Superfast Isolating Switch New Production Introduction on the afternoon of May 26th. Relevant experts and leaders from Dalian University of Technology, Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd., Xuji Flexible System Power Transmission Company, CLP Purui Electrical Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and NR Electric attended the Introduction.

General Manager of the Company Zhang Yong gave the welcoming address. He introduced the development history of Xuguang and pointed out that only innovation accomplished today's Xuguang. Presently, Xuguang has grown into an important hi-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the businesses including vacuum electronic devices and complete electronic devices from a small electron tube researcher and manufacturer, becoming one of the largest metal ceramic vacuum electronic device manufacturers in China. Mr. Zhang introduced the Company's advantages including its brand advantages, production technology and equipment advantages as well as technical and quality advantages, then explained the current production and operation conditions of the Company.

Xuguang project manager showed produce development situation and excellent performance of product, stated the relevant technical problems of products, market outlook and development, visited the displayed products and gave full consent to the 535 kV DC circuit breaker superfast isolating switch.

After successfully applying the 200 kV DC circuit breaker superfast isolating switch into State Grid Zhoushan five-end flexible DC power transmission demonstration project, Xuguang Electric cooperated with Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd., and developed the 535 kV DC circuit breaker vacuum fast isolating switch successfully.

By virtue of its core technology, Xuguang successfully broke the technical difficulties and bottleneck according to new requirements. The 535 kV superfast isolating switch with greater rated current, higher voltage withstand capacity and better electrode movement system still applies three serial modules which are equivalent to three 200 kV superfast isolating switches to improve the rated voltage of single module to 180 kV from 100 kV, rated current to 3150 A from 1250 A, DC voltage withstand capacity to 270 kV from 150 kV and switching surge to 330 kV from 200 V. In addition, the synchronism and voltage distribution uniformity between the three modules have been tested qualified.

The successful development of 535 kV superfast isolating switch laid solid technical foundation for the development of 535 kV DC circuit breaker and application of State Grid ± 535kV flexible DC grid demonstration engineering and further reinforced the technology leadership of China in research and development work of core devices for flexible DC power transmission project.